Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The helmet debate.

There's always a lot of debate about the safety behind wearing a helmet while riding a bike. Especially right now in Michigan after the helmet law was recently repealed. Obviously there are pros and cons to this argument- as there are with every situation. The main argument that I hear against helmets is that bikers enjoy the freedom of not having something on their head as well as the feeling of the wind blowing against them. In the case of my brother, he had his helmet on and that still wasn't enough. However, in many accidents that piece of head-ware can mean the difference between life and death. In addition to safety, helmets serve a lot of different purposes including: keeping your head warm, blocking rain, muffling wind noise (which can damage hearing), and keeping your face clear of any dirt or pieces that may fly up. Wearing a helmet is a smart choice. It's important to pick a quality helmet that fits correctly and gives you the best possible range of vision. Part of being a responsible rider means protecting yourself on the roads, which includes wearing your helmet!

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